Maine Child Support | ME Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery (DSER)

Everything that relates to child support is handled by the division of support enforcement and recovery in Maine. The state offers a reliable and dependable platform on which parents can utilize without the need to visit their offices in person. If you want to make payment or check the status of your account, you can do so with ease online. Also, all things to do with child support enforcement can be handled online.

Maine Child Support Laws | Maine Revised Statutes Title 19-A, Chapter 65


It outlines everything you need to know about child support enforcement. It provides the rights and provisions of enforcement of child support and also the limitations to when the law can be overturned. The courts can help to enforce those laws as set out in the chapter 65 of the revised statues and ensure that […]


Maine Child Support Enforcement


With the help of the division of support enforcement and recovery in Maine, parents can enforce an order for the paying parent who is longer living up to the responsibility of child support. It thus means that the guardian should take action and file a complaint outlining all the details of the child support and […]


Maine Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


The rules and laws that govern how child support cases should be handled also outline how it should be calculated. With both parents being responsible for child support, the courts in Maine offer a solution in the form of worksheet to help the paying parent compute how much they should contribute depending on the number […]


Maine Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

The need for the online child support services comes when many parents want to know how they can contribute to the growth and development of their children. With the login and enrollment process adopted by the state, you can do so with ease. Apparent in Maine who has never used this service can find their […]


Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery (DSER)

Contact Information: Address:  Office for Family Independence 11 State House Station 19 Union Street Augusta, ME 04333 Phone: (207) 624-4168 Fax: (207)287-5096