Maryland Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

Every child will need support from both parents whether they are together or not. For the one who has custody of the children, he or she has a right to receive child support from the one who does not have such right. The online calculator makes it easy for such parents to find out how much they have to provide for child support without the need to consult a professional on the same. This way, they can get started to contributing to their children’s wellbeing.

How to calculate

You can compute how much you will be required to contribute for child support. The process takes the following steps:

Step 1: Go to this link

Step 2: Check the box and agree and proceed.

Step 3: Select worksheet A if you do not share custody of the children.

Step 4: Fill the form online with information as required where the amount you will be required to contribute will automatically be computed.

The entire process follows the guidelines as contained in the document below: