Massachusetts Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Going to the Massachusetts child support offices just to pay for child support is no longer necessary as you can do it online. However, you will need to register at their website to use this service. It utilizes your information and that of the child, who requires your support, to create our account online.

How to login

The role of having a login account is so that you can be able to access it from anywhere. You do not need to go to the Massachusetts child support division to check the condition of your account. You can do it from home or office via online. To login, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Insert your PIN and password details and then click Log In.

How to get your account password if forgotten

When you try to login but cannot access your account because of a password error, it is time to reset it. You can reset and create a new one in order to login. To start off, follow the process below:

Step 1: Click as shown below.

Step 2: Enter your PIN and click the button to get your password.

How to retrieve your PIN

When you have the correct password but cannot seem to remember your username, then you have to retrieve it. The process is as simple as when you want to reset the password. It involves:

Step 1: On the password retrieval page, click the phrase as shown below.

Step 2: Enter your information and that of the child, agree to the terms and then submit to retrieve your PIN.

How to enroll

Parents who do not have an online account can take action and receive flexible child support services. It requires that you register for an online account. Assuming you have all the relevant information with you, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Tap the Apply Now button.

Step 2: Select as shown below.

Step 3: Choose non-custodial, whether you are the mother or the father of the child and save and continue.

Step 4: Click continue to proceed.

Step 5: Enter your details as required and then save and continue.

Do this, until you complete the application.

How to manage your account online

A newly registered account holder can find out how to make the best use of the login account. You can login, make payment, check the status of your account and manage it online. it helps you to beat payment deadlines and avoid penalties that come with it.