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The Michigan child department of health and human services is designed to give the best and most reasonable solution to child support. It is aimed at helping out parents and children in terms of responsibility and right to support. For the parents, they will be able to have access to a pool of information and resources to help them figure out the actions they need to take to cater for the needs of their children. With the office of child support in Michigan, parents can offer the right support and children can benefit from this support in their lifetimes as children.

Michigan Child Support Laws | Act 295 Chapter 522


The laws and guidelines as set in the Act 295 Chapter 522, provide a way through which child support cases can be ruled in Michigan. The guidelines are used by court and child support officials in the state to help make amicable decisions according to the set laws. Parents can also use such guidelines to […]


Michigan Child Support Enforcement


It can hopeless trying to convince a once paying parent to resume paying for child support. It is better to file a complaint rather than take the action by yourself. The law protects children who are not getting support from their non-custodial parents in Michigan. You can file a complaint online, from their official website. How […]


Michigan Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


A calculator which can be accessed online will value your time and offer you a flexible way to know what you are supposed to do. It breaks down the factors that affect how much you need to contribute so that you can be ready when the child support is put to effect. You can take […]


Michigan Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

As a parent, you owe it to your children for support irrespective of whether you are still married to your spouse or not. It is with this that child support is mandatory for every parent as a contribution to the growth and development of their children. It is aimed to cater for all expenses including […]


Department of Health and Human Services Office of Child Support

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Telephone 866-540-0008