New Hampshire Child Support Login | Make a Payment

The state provides an information hub where you can learn how to make payments for child support by check and access other information that relates to child support. It does not provide any online child support payment services to both the custodial or noncustodial parents. However, you can have access to the information you need to comply with various child support laws

How to access child support information

If you know where to go straight away, then you can save time in accessing your account. Sometimes access to the information you need can be a little difficult to find. Luckily, we can provide an easy way to help you out on this. If you want to know the rights you hold for providing child support, you can click here to access what you need.

How to make payment

Information is key when you want to find multiple options on how to make payment to child support. Assuming you already know how much you are required to pay per month, you can proceed to access information about the best payment option you can adopt. Such information can be obtained from here

How to enroll

After you have decided to have an online account, you need to make the next move. This move will involve signing up an online account for your child support services. An account you can manage online means that you will be able to complete many tasks online which would not have been possible before.

Step 1: Go to this link.

Step 2: Fill in the online form with your relevant details and then click send once you are done.

You will receive an application form in your email where you can apply for the child support services.

How to manage your online access

The difficult part is over, assuming you already have all the links. It helps you to stay up to date wich what you are required to do and thus able to beat the deadlines and adhere to the set child support laws in New Hampshire. This means making payments to child support and ensuring that your payments are current to avoid penalties. It is easy to keep track of these payments as you can access them all the time, when a need arises.