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It caters for parents who are living with their children but separated or divorced with their spouses. It is the right of every child in South Carolina to receive support from both parents. Since the custodial parent already provides for the child, the noncustodial parent has to make good the promise of being responsible. Through the department of social services, the state of South Carolina helps parents to receive support from the noncustodial parents, which caters for all expense that the child accrues. It provides a calculator to help the paying parents compute how much they need to contribute to cover those expenses.

South Carolina Child Support Laws | South Carolina Code, Title 63 Chapter 17


The code highlights all the necessary circumstances that may lead to a noncustodial parent applying for the enforcement of child support. It contains all guidelines, rules, laws and exemptions as applied within the state of South Carolina. These guidelines are utilized by the courts to determine or rule a child support case. It provides a […]


South Carolina Child Support Enforcement


Being a guardian or custodial parent, you will have to make sure that your children get the support their need from both parents. It is no secret that a parent can choose to forego his responsibilities and that is where the guardian has to take action. With the help of the department of social services […]


South Carolina Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


When it comes to providing or receiving child support, you have to know what it entails. The division of child support in South Dakota has made this easy with the help of the online calculator. It incorporates all the parameters that are used to determine the amount of child support to be contributed. However, the […]


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It is safe to say that every parent will be required to provide support to their children regardless of the kind of relationship they have with the other parent. It is with this that the state of South Carolina has made it possible to apply for child support services while it provides a calculator in […]


Department of Social Services (DSS)

Contact Information: Address: Child Support Services P. O. Box 1469 Columbia, SC 29202-1469 Phone: 1-800-768-5858