Alabama Child Support | AL Department of Human Resources (DHR)

According to the Alabama Administrative Code and statute, the Alabama Department of Human Resources is responsible for the prevention the neglect, abuse or exploitation of children that are not able to protect their own interests.

The Child Support Division of Alabama Department of Human Rights is responsible for the collection and distribution of child support payments. The procedure of collecting child support payments is provided by laws of the United States and by the statute of the Department.

You can find all important information about the payments and fees on this page and on the website of the Alabama Department of Human Rights.

Alabama Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


Most child support cases settle in court as that is where the parent who does not have custody of the children gets to be legally obligated to support his or her children. To determine how much you will be required to pay for child support, it will depend on a number of factors. You have […]


Alabama Child Support Login | Make a Payment |

Make a Payment

Both parents have a responsibility to support their child or children financially, whether they are together for not. You have to make the relevant payments for the purpose of child support. You can do this online and the below guide shows you how to get started: How to Login The idea is to access your […]


Alabama Child Support Enforcement


Child support laws can be enforced if payment for child support is not paid or is due. The plaintiff can file a complaint with the relevant bodies to have the defendant pay for the financial support of the child or children. According to the Alabama child, a parent who has agreed or have been directed […]


Alabama Child Support Laws – Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration Rule 32


There have to be rules set aside on how to proceed with child support. Both parents have the financial obligation to take up the role of providing for the basic needs of the child. The laws of child support services by the parents are provided in the child support guidelines and contain the circumstances which […]


Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR)

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