Alaska Child Support | AK Child Support Services Division (CSSD)

The Alaska Child Support Services Division was established in 1976. It has nearly 230 experienced employees who make efforts to solve problems with child support.

Their responsibilities include such activities as: accumulation of financial aid for thousands of children, providing payments, replying to all queries, examining any hardships and disputes in different cases. On the daily basis they help thousands of people.

Alaska Child Support Laws – Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure – Rule 90.3


Regulations for providing support to children are given in Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure – Rule 90.3 (see below). It specifies terms, conditions and the sequence of actions which should be done for getting financial aid. Several circumstances are taken into consideration, such as an annual salary of the parent, taxes, childcare expenses and others. […]


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Make a Payment

  I. APPLY FOR CHILD SUPPORT In the document below you can find out all necessary information to apply for Child Support Services in State of Alaska: What services are provided  –  establishing, enforcing and modifying support orders, medical support. Your rights and responsibilities. Application form. Statement of support received with instructions. Affidavit and Request […]


Alaska Child Support Calculator | Guidelines Calculator


ALaska Child Support Calculations can be done on the webpage As you can see, there is a range of factors that are taken into account in child support payments calculations: 1.  in blue – debits; 2.  in red – credits. After entering all required information click the button “Calculate payments”. The amount of payments […]


Alaska Child Support Enforcement


The Alaska Child Support Services Division (“CSSD”) provides all services related with child support payments. It establishes, modifies and enforces child support in Alaska.  If you have certain difficulties with the other parent and would like to  enforce child support payments in Alaska you can contact CSSD and ask for help. CSSD identifies the non-custodial […]


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