Alaska Child Support Enforcement

The Alaska Child Support Services Division (“CSSD”) provides all services related with child support payments.

It establishes, modifies and enforces child support in Alaska.  If you have certain difficulties with the other parent and would like to  enforce child support payments in Alaska you can contact CSSD and ask for help.

CSSD identifies the non-custodial parent’s employer, bank account, or other financial account; then issues an Order to Withhold and Deliver those wages or assets.

The main way to ensure proper child support payments is the withholding order. In accordance with it the payment is withheld from the payroll office or the bank account.

Payments also can be done by cash but only in person in Anchorage.

In case if the non-custodial parents wants to make any additional payments he/she may pay by check or money order. It’s necessary to include the case number with the payment, and send it to the payment mailing address.

The organisation can undertake some actions towards the parent who is not willing to pay: 

  1. liens,
  2. judgments,
  3. withholding from Permanent Fund Dividends, wages, or other income,
  4. credit bureau reporting,
  5. the seizure of bank and financial accounts,
  6. and other civil and criminal law actions.

Moreover, if non custodial parents owe:

  1. more than four months of child support may lose their occupational or driver’s licenses.
  2. $2,500 or more in past child support (arrears) can lose their passports. CSSD can file liens on real estate if arrears are at least $2,500 or equal to one year’s support.
  3. CSSD may take the non custodial parent’s federal income tax refunds to pay arrears

If payments are not being received you can file a Complaint and allow the enforcement division of the Alaska Child Support Services Division to analyze your case and take any actions to satisfy your request.  For this purpose, you should:

  1. Fill in an application form:

2.  Send it to : Child Support Services Division 550 W 7th Avenue Suite 310 Anchorage AK 99501-6699