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The Arizona division of child support services does not only work with parents but also employers in ensuring that parents contribute fairly to child support. It helps them to comply with the set laws and regulations regarding to child support. When it comes to contributing to what you owe your child, you can get access to this information on the website which makes your work easier. Apart from that, parents who have a legal obligation to make such contributions can do so online by either linking with their bank accounts or credit cards. In short, everything can be done effortlessly without the need to physically show up the child support offices.

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A clean slate is what most parents or guardians are looking for. Although child support is mandatory, you want the best for your child regardless of if you own custody rights or not. The need or a system that works to help you become a better and more responsible parent can be initiated by taking […]


Arizona Child Support Laws – Adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court – Effective June 11, 2011


The Arizona child support laws, on how children should receive financial help from both parents, analyses the needs of the children and the ability of their parents to contribute to their wellbeing. They help set guidelines on how to arrive at a figure depending on the current and future needs of the dependents. They are […]


Arizona Child Support Enforcement


If you are an Arizona parent and you are not receiving support from the other parent who was doing so previously, then you have to notify the right child support officials in that state. It is a step you should take once you realize that financial support is no longer coming as it should be. […]


Arizona Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


It can be difficult to know how much you are required to provide in financing for your child. In most cases, you will be forced to go to the child support offices where your details will be processed before you can be told how much to pay. With the Arizona child support calculator, you can […]


Division of Child Support Services (DCSS)


Telephone – 1(602) 252-4045

Mailing Address – DES Division of Child Support Services,P.O. Box 40458, Phoenix, AZ 85067