Colorado Child Support | CO Division of Child Support Services (CSS)

Colorado Division of Child Support Services aims to help all children with financial and medical aid from their parents and not to have lack of anything.

For this purpose, it uses all tools to establish and enforce child support payments,  according to Colorado Revised Statues, Section 14-10-115.

Colorado Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

CO Division of Child Support Services (CSS) has its online tool where parents can register, track any activity by the case and make online payments. There are three ways to apply for child support,  as it is mentioned on this page. I. Online Application. To submit your application I. Online Application II. Print an Application […]


Colorado Child Support Calculator – Guidelines


As a Colorado parent, living with children, you have the right to ask for support from the paying parent. This is the case if you are separated or divorced. Whichever the case, there has to be an agreement on how such payments can be received by the custodial parent. A Colorado child support calculator is […]


Colorado Child Support Laws | §14-10-115, Colorado Revised Statutes


The revised statutes of child support in Colorado offer a way for judges and courts to make a ruling on child support cases. They offer a guide on how to evaluate a case that has been brought forward by either of the parents regarding child support. The age, income, and the number of children the […]


Colorado Child Support Enforcement


Details of the paying parent have to be represented to the division of child support services of Colorado. This is done to assess the case closely and determine if the noncustodial parent has a responsibility to provide child support. As the guardian, you have to apply for the child support services. You can also do […]


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