Colorado Child Support Calculator – Guidelines

As a Colorado parent, living with children, you have the right to ask for support from the paying parent. This is the case if you are separated or divorced. Whichever the case, there has to be an agreement on how such payments can be received by the custodial parent. A Colorado child support calculator is used to determine how much one needs to pay.

How to compute for child support

It is easy when you have the worksheet. Everything is indicated in terms of what to put in the empty fields that you can calculate how much you should contribute for child support.

Step 1: Access and download the worksheet.

Steps 2: Fill in the monthly gross income for both parents.

Step 3: Adjust the gross income based on instructions given in line 2.

Step 4: Compute the percentage share of income for both parents and basic combined obligation.

Step 5: Make the necessary adjustments according to the worksheet.

Step 6: Determine each parent’s child support obligation in line 9.

This calculator utilizes the schedule below: