Connecticut Child Support Calculator – Guidelines

For Connecticut parents who are not living together, they can utilize this calculator to determine how much they can contribute or receive from child support. It is the responsibility of the noncustodial parent to pay for child support and live up to their responsibility of child support. Also, the custodial parent can ask for such payment through a court order to enforce payment of child support by the other parent.

How to compute for child support

It utilizes your financial details to come up with an amount you will have to pay for child support. Other considerations include the number of children you intend to provide support to and other child support obligations you may have on top of that.

Step 1: Access and download the worksheet.

Step 2: Fill the net income details of both the mother and father.

Step 3: From line 12a to 14, compute based on the figures you have to arrive at the net income.

Step 4: Enter other details and figures as required to arrive at the child care contribution amount.