Florida Child Support | FL Department of Revenue Child Support Services

The child support department of revenue child support services in Florida aims to find the right support for children whose parents are either divorced or separated. It helps to determine the amount of payment the non-custodial parent should make to the custodial parent to cater for child care needs and expenses. The payments are determined based on the gross income of the paying parent and also the expenses the child is set to incur.

Florida Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


Knowing how much to receive or pay for child support is essential. Each parent is obligated to provide for child support to all of their children. In the case where you are the paying parent, you can access the Florida child support calculator and determine how much you have to contribute financially for the support […]


Florida Child Support Laws | Title VI, Chapter 61 Laws


The Title VI, Chapter 61 in Florida focuses on the types of custodial rights that may lie where children are involved. In each type of custody, it explains different kinds of treatments in providing for child support. These rules are used by courts to make the right decisions on how child support should be awarded. […]


Florida Child Support Enforcement


There are those parents who do not want to live up to their responsibilities of child support. The reasons could be genuine or not. Whichever the case, you, as the custodial parent, have to take action and file for a complaint. For the court or the department of revenue child support services in Florida to […]


Florida Child Support Login | Make a Payment | myFlorida.com

Make a Payment

The state of Florida has made it easy for parents to live up to their responsibility. There is no need to visit their offices in persona so that you can check the status of your child support case, make payment or find out when child support is due. How to login The need to manage […]


Department of Revenue Child Support Services

Offices: http://childsupport.state.fl.us/LocationInfo/LocationMap.aspx

Phone Number: 1(800) 622-KIDS (5437)

Website: http://childsupport.state.fl.us/public/IntroductionRD.aspx