Indiana Child Support | IN Department of Child Services (DCS)

The department of child services in Indiana offers reliable child support services to those who need it. Be it the guardians or custodial parents, it helps them to obtain support from the other parent for the child they have custodial rights over. You can trace a non-paying parent with the help of this department with the aim of getting financial support for child care expenses and medical bills. It offers an online platform on which the paying parent can register and pay online for child support.

Indiana Child Support Laws | Indiana Code Title 31 Article 16 Laws


The child support guidelines as contained in the article 16, title 31 offers rules on how the courts should proceed with child support cases. They help provide a formula that will help to calculate how much each parent will have to contribute for child support. Apart from that, they set out parameters that will be […]


Indiana Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


Parents can find their way around the Indiana online calculator when they want to determine how much they will be contributing for child support. There is no need to visit child support offices in your local area to know how much you will be required to give up every month in financial child support. Different […]


Indiana Child Support Enforcement


Through the department of child services in Indiana, you can file complaint siting how the noncustodial parent is no longer paying for child support. You therefore have to provide evidence of this for the case to be investigated. This will help them to make a follow up by looking at the history of the child […]


Indiana Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

The last thing you want is to have it difficult in contributing for child support. Luckily, the state has made it easy for parents who want to be responsible by providing online child support services through their website. Parents can thus check the status of their accounts and make payment when it is due. How […]


Department of Child Services (DCS)

Address: Indiana Child Support Bureau, Inquiry Unit MS11, 402 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: 1(800) 840-8757