Missouri Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

The idea is to estimate how much you will be giving up for child support if you are the paying parent. When it comes to determining how much you will be contributing, you have to consider a few factors. Some of the major ones are the number of children you have, the expenses they incur and your gross income.

How to compute for child support

To get started, use the steps below:

Step 1: Access and download the worksheet.

Step 2: Enter the gross monthly income for both parents, make adjustments, and determine the share of the gross income in line 4.

Step 3: Use the chart below to determine the basic child obligation by using the adjusted gross income from line 3.

Step 4: Enter all the costs that relate to the care and support of the child, get the total and multiply by the percentage of the combined adjusted gross income share to arrive at the child support obligation.