North Dakota Child Support |ND Child Support Enforcement (CSE)

The procedures of how to go about getting or providing child support for your children are provided by the child support enforcement division in North Dakota. Parents who are separated or divorced can access these services online and thus no need to go to their offices in person. With information about your children and the paying parent at your disposal, you can apply for child support services online and make your case. It helps you to enforce child support orders and get the needed financial help for your children.

North Dakota Child Support Laws | North Dakota Century Code Title 14-08


According to the century code of North Dakota child support laws, every parent should live up to their responsibility in terms of child support. With that in check, these laws offer a guide on how to approach any child support case. Judges and courts handling such cases are thus obligated to follow those guidelines with […]


North Dakota Child Support Enforcement


Through the child support enforcement division in North Dakota, a parent seeking child support or who no longer receives child support from the paying parent can get their child support order enforced. You, however, have to file a complaint or default of payments or apply for child support services if you want to start the […]


North Dakota Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


It is in the form of a downloadable worksheet where you can work your way around in determining the child support you need to pay or receive. Regardless of the case, the calculator by the child support enforcement in North Dakota offers all the information and instructions while adhering to the set guidelines on how […]


North Dakota Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

The child support department in North Dakota has made it easy for parents to exercise their responsibility to their children. Just because they are separated does not mean that they should give up supporting their children. The custodial parent is the one who receives child support and this, the website will help them check when […]


Child Support Enforcement (CSE)

Contact Information: Mailing Address: Child Support Division P.O. Box 7190 Bismarck, ND 58507-7190 Street Address: Child Support Division 1600 E. Century Avenue, Suite 7 Bismarck, ND 58503 Phone: (701) 328-3582 Nationwide Toll Free: (800) 231-4255 TTY: (800) 366-6888 Fax: (701) 328-5425