Ohio Child Support | OH Office of Child Support (OCS)

The Ohio office of child support has all the details, resources, and services to help you get started in the quest to getting the right support for your child or children. Everything you need to know about child support, from laws to how you should file for the service, it helps you to achieve that. It provides a one way route to the journey of legally getting the right support for the growth and development of your children. This is the case for parents who are not living together due to divorce or separation. It allows you to understand what you need to do in the case of failure of the other parent to pay for child support.

Ohio Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

The Ohio child support online service, is nothing short of critical when it comes to living up to your responsibilities. With hefty penalties for defaulters and late payment of child support, online services can help you to pay and check the status of our account on the go. How to login Anytime you want to access […]


Ohio Child Support Laws | Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3119


The laws that enforce child support and guidelines on the procedure that should be followed are contained in the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3119. The courts can find out how to deal with a case of child support and the factors to consider in arriving at a particular amount. The parent, who is to provide […]


Ohio Child Support Enforcement


A guardian in Ohio can sort out help from the child support officials in the case where payment for child support from the other parent is not provided. If there was a previous arrangement where the paying parent was living up to his or her responsibilities but chose not to responsible, you can get the […]


Ohio Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


An online system that allows you to compute your monthly contribution to child support is available in the Ohio child support website. You do not have to personally show up at their offices to learn how much you should contribute. It is a self-service system which equips you with the right knowledge on how to […]


Office of Child Support (OCS)

Telephone Number: 1-800-686-1556

Fax Number: 614-995-7159

Contact Form: https://www.odjfs.state.oh.us/oleg-form/CaseSpecific.asp

Address: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services 30 East Broad Street 32nd Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215-3414