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The Oklahoma child support services helps to provide solutions for both the children and parents. It comes up with ways that are not only convenient but comfortable for both parents to ensure that their kids are covered in terms of support. The parents will be able to access child support services with ease regardless of where they are. Be it to pay for support or to enquire on what is needed of them, they can access that information online. It utilizes the information of both parents plus that of their children to come up with the right procedure an terms of payment with the aim of providing the best care to the children.

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In Oklahoma, many parents whether custodians or non-custodians engage or are obligated to pay for child support. Being one of them, you have to utilize the available services that aim to make the exercise easier and better to manage. The idea is to find a way that saves time and makes your commitment as a responsible […]


Oklahoma Child Support Laws | Title 43, Section 112 Oklahoma Statutes Citationized


A child below the age of 18 years has a right to receive support from their parents whether they are together or not. The Oklahoma child support laws provide a guideline of how such laws should be used to calculate how much both parents should contribute for child support. Expenses such as insurance, education and […]


Oklahoma Child Support Enforcement


Laws made can be enforced once they are broken. Child support laws entail that children should receive financial support from their parents to cater for the expenses they incur. If such support has defaulted for a certain period of time without proper explanation, then the necessary action should be taken by the parent responsible for […]


Oklahoma Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


Parents who do not have custody rights to their children or child they want to offer support to in Oklahoma can know how much they will be contributing without having to visit the offices of child support in person. It saves time and offers a reliable platform on which child support services can be put […]


Child Support Services (CSS)

Contact Information:

Phone: OKC: (405) 522-2273 Tulsa: (918) 295-3500 Toll Free: (800) 522-2922 TTY: 711 or (800) 722-0353 Employers: (866) 553-2368

Mailing Address: PO Box 248822 Oklahoma City, OK 73124