West Virginia Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

It is vital that you take control of your child support role as a parent. With the available online resources, you can access a calculator without the need to contact a local child support agency to help you in determining how much you should contribute for child support. Although the figure you arrive at might not be the actual one, you will get an estimate of the same which close to that.

How to compute for child support

You can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access and download the worksheet.

Step 2: In part 1 of the worksheet fill in the gross income for both parents, less the expenses, and adjust this to get the adjusted value in line 2.

Step 3: Get the percentage share of income in line 3 and use the schedule below to fill in line 4.

Step 4: Work out the whole of line 5 and determine the total obligation in line 6 using the instructions given.

From there, you can compute how much you owe or need to contribute for child support.