Illinois Child Support | IL Division of Child Support Services (DCSS)

The Illinois division of child support dedicates in helping out a single parent or those who have separated to get child support from a parent who is not living with the children. It can be tough in most cases to encourage a parent who has no custody of the children to contribute to the financial needs of the child. In such situations, the non-custodial parent can be legally obligated to make such contributions and ease up on the burden for that parent who has custody rights. It makes the process smooth as you will be able to receive those services online and guarantee support for your children.

Illinois Child Support Login | Make A Paymen

Make a Payment

The long wait can be cut short by the child support online services offered in Illinois. If you have a child that you want to provide financial support to or you are obligated to do so, then you can make it easier by utilizing the online platform. How to login Being able to access your […]


Illinois Child Support Laws | Illinois Compiled Statutes 750 ILCS 5/505


The statutes in Illinois provide a guide for parents who are no longer together. Child support settlements have to be put in place and thus the statutes in the state by the general assembly help to clarify on the matter. It provides procedures to be followed in dealing with such settlements. These set of laws […]


Illinois Child Support Enforcement


An Illinois parent who is divorced or separated but lives with the kids has a right to receive support from the other parent of those kids. On that note, if such support is cut off without any reasonable explanation, then you have to ask for support from the relevant child support offices within the state. […]


Illinois Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


The Illinois child support calculator is an online system that equips one providing child support with the relevant resources to help him or her know what is needed to determine the amount of money to contribute for the same. All this is done through an online platform on the website. With such a system, parents […]


Child Support Services

Office Locations

Fax: 1(217) 524-1218

Address: IL Dept of Healthcare and Family Services, Child Support Program, P.O. Box 19405, Springfield, IL 62794-9405

Phone: 1-800-447-4278 (TTY: 1-800-526-5812).