North Carolina Child Support | NC Child Support Services (CSS)

Children will need financial support as they incur expenses in terms of the education, medical insurance, and other child care expenses. For the parent or guardian living with them, you have a right or an obligation to seek help from the other parent. This is especially the case if you are no longer living together. The child support services of North Carolina offers that support to parents who are separated and want financial support from the noncustodial parent. With that said, you can access those services from their website which means you do not have to visit their offices in person.

North Carolina Child Support Laws | Chapter 50-13.4-13.12 of the North Carolina General Statutes


It outlines all the processes and rules that are used when making a decision on any child support case in North Carolina. With the help of the courts, you will be able to enforce an order and make the paying parent to start living up to their responsibility. Child support is set to cover all […]


North Carolina Child Support Enforcement


Through the child support services in North Carolina, you can have your way in terms of the enforcement of child support orders. It requires that you ensure that you are getting the right support from the paying parent. If in any case the payments stop, you are required to report this by filing a complaint […]


North Carolina Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


With cases of child support on the rise, it is vital that you have an upper hand in terms of knowing how much you are expected to contribute before you appear before the judge. You can use the online calculator provided by the child support services in North Carolina to compute for child support. It […]


North Carolina Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

It helps you to comply with the child support laws that govern how and who should contribute to child support. With your login account, you will be able to beat deadlines and pay for child support in time. How to login The login process is simple as you only need to remember two things; your […]


Child Support Services (CSS)

Contact Information: Address: N.C. Child Support Services PO Box 20800 Raleigh, NC 27619-0800 Phone: 1-800-992-9457 toll free or 252-789-5225 in the Martin County Area