North Carolina Child Support Login | Make a Payment

It helps you to comply with the child support laws that govern how and who should contribute to child support. With your login account, you will be able to beat deadlines and pay for child support in time.

How to login

The login process is simple as you only need to remember two things; your username and password. Once you have these things at your disposal, you can proceed as follows:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Enter your user ID and password and then click Log on button.

How to reset your lost password

If you have forgotten your password, there is only one way out and that is resetting it. When you reset it, you can create a new one and use it to access your account. The process of resetting includes:

Step 1: Click the password section.

Step 2: enter your user ID and then click submit.

How to retrieve your user ID

It is easy to retrieve your user ID. If you are familiar with other details of your account which you used during the registration process, then you can verify that you are the account holder and retrieve your user ID.

Step 1: Click the user ID section.

Step 2: Enter the required details in the fields and submit.

How to enroll

A North Carolina parent, whether custodial or noncustodial, can register for child support services online. It helps make work easier for both parties since orders can be enforced as soon as they are filed and this will save time on your part.

Step 1: Click the button as shown below.

Step 2: Enter the information required and then click the continue button.

There are 2 more steps which you have to complete before you can successfully register.

How to manage your account online

You can have your child support issues solved with ease since you will be able to access all the details of the court orders, payment agreements and history of payments to child support on the go. Also, it helps you to update your income or employment details without having to go to the child support offices to do so.