Pennsylvania Child Support | PA Department of Human Services

All procedures that relate to child support in Pennsylvania are handled by the department of human services within the state. It helps to make a follow up on any child support order. When a parent is no longer getting the financial help for child support, from the other parent, then the former can file a complaint. The department allows you to apply for child support services online depending on what you are looking for. With everything that is accompanied by child support, you can make payment through the website and also use the online calculator to determine how much you will be expected to contribute for child support.

Pennsylvania Child Support Laws | Title 231, Chapter 1910 PA Rules of Civil Procedure


The steps, procedures, and guidelines on how to deal with child support cases are contained in the rules of civil procedure. These rules are used by the judges and child support agencies in Pennsylvania where you can know what processes or procedures they use to determine how much one should contribute for child support. Since […]


Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement


With help from the department of human services guardians can ask for help and receive payment for child support from the noncustodial parent. It entails filling a form that will help them understand your situation before they can take the next best cause of action. With many custodial parents encountering issues in receiving child support […]


Pennsylvania Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


A Pennsylvania judge handling child support case will utilize the guidelines set to determine how much or how child support should be calculated. The guidelines set out the parameters to watch out and that is how the online calculator is designed. You can, therefore, use it to work out how much you will be required […]


Pennsylvania Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

Parents, regardless of whether they are custodial or noncustodial can register for online child support services and have a login account. It helps them to comply with the set guidelines as you can manage your account online. How to login When it comes to signing in, you will have to do it now and then. […]


Department of Human Services

Contact information: Bureau of Child Support Enforcement 1303 North 7th Street Harrisburg, Pa. 17105 Phone: 1-800-932-0211