Rhode Island Child Support | RI Office of Child Support Services (OCSS)

The need to provide support for every child is up on the parents of that child. If you are a guardian or a single parent living in Rhode Island and want to get support from the noncustodial parent, then you can ask help from the office of child support services in the state. It helps to obtain the necessary information to file a complaint in the case where the custodial parent is unable or unwilling to pay for support. Also, you can apply for child support enforcement using the online tools they have on their website.

Rhode Island Child Support Laws | Rhode Island General Laws Title 15 Chapter 15-9


The general laws as contained in title 15 of chapter 15-9 give guidelines on how a parent can seek financial child support from the paying parent. It helps to settle child support disputes where the custodial parent can receive a certain amount of money from the noncustodial parent. Using the online calculator, the laws express […]


Rhode Island Child Support Enforcement


Through the office of child support services in Rhode Island, there is a legal way to enforce an order which will result in the payment of child support by the noncustodial parent. Assuming that you already have such an arrangement and the paying parent suddenly stops paying for such support, then you can file a […]


Rhode Island Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


As a parent, you have to show responsibility and proceed to download the worksheet. It is a child support calculator that assigns you with the relevant formula for calculating child support. As the paying parent, you should be able to come out with a figure that tells you how much you will need to contribute […]


Rhode Island Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

Child support tools and resources such as an online calculator and child support guidelines are contained in the office of child support services in Rhode Island. With a login account, you can access it from anywhere, make payment, check the status of your account, check the history of payments you have made, and view the status […]


Office of Child Support Services (OCSS)

Contact Information: Address:   RI Office of Child Support Services 77 Dorrance St Providence, RI 02903 Phone: (401) 458-4400