South Dakota Child Support | SD Division of Child Support (DCS)

The fact that children have a right to protection and support from their parents makes it an obligation for both parents to provide the basics needs to their children regardless of whether they are together or not. With the division of child support in South Dakota, it makes sure that parents live up to this responsibility by making it easy for them to make payment through the online platform. The noncustodial parent can login and access the payment options provided while the custodial parent can push for the courts to enforce a child support order.

South Dakota Child Support Laws | South Dakota Code Chapter 25-7


The code contains guidelines and terms which govern how child support should be calculated. It helps the concerned parties which involve both parents and child support agencies in conjunction with the courts to enforce an order or settle a child support dispute. With these rules, the parent receiving support will be able to file a […]


South Dakota Child Support Enforcement


With help from the division of child support in South Dakota, it is possible to file a complaint and enforce an order if the paying parent has refused to pay for child support as agreed. It protects the interests of children who should receive support from their parents regardless of whether they are together or […]


South Dakota Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


With the online calculator, parents in South Dakota can estimate how much they will receive for child support from the paying parent. Although it is an estimate, it offers the best figure for both the parent receiving and the one paying for child support. It is easy to use as all instructions and guidelines for […]


South Dakota Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

It has a rich information center where all parents from the state can access it and make payment online. With the login account, you can access all your child support details. Apart from that, it provides resources and online tools to help make your child support easily. When it comes to computing for child support, […]


Division of Child Support (DCS)

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