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When it comes to child support, the department of human services in Utah has the right resources and tools to help parents get support for their children. From determining if the person in question is the biological parent of the child to tracking them, they make it happen on your part. The goal is to make sure that each child gets support from their parents regardless of whether they are separated or not, as along s they are alive. It provides guidelines which help them trace and enforce child support laws to benefit the child.

Utah Child Support Laws | Utah Code Title 78B, Chapter 12


The laws as contained in the Utah code help establish how child support should be enforced. These rules are beneficial when making a case against a parent who is not living up to his or her responsibility. The courts and judges use them to make a decision that will see to it that child support […]


Utah Child Support Enforcement


With the help from the department of human services in Utah there can be a way to start receiving payments from the noncustodial parent. It helps guardians and custodial parents to get the necessary help from their children from the noncustodial parents. With the rights of children being taken into consideration, they are obligated to […]


Utah Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


A Utah parent who is seeking child support from the other parent can use the online calculator to know how much they will receive for child support. However, it might not be the exact figure you get as a result. For this case, the court will have to decide don the actual figure the noncustodial […]


Utah Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

It makes it simple for parents to pay child support through the online platform. Apart from this service, parents can access the online calculator and other resources to help them stay up to date with the current news and trends in child support. They will also be able to check the child support orders as […]


Department of Human Services (DHS)

Contact Information: Address: ORS Child Support Services PO Box 45033 Salt Lake City, Utah 84145-0033 Phone: 801-536-8500 Email:orswebslc@utah.gov