Vermont Child Support | VT Office of Child Support (OCS)

The Vermont office of child support has a goal to ensuring that parents have access, all the time, to information relating to child support. Once they decide to divorce or separate, they can get straight into a child support program that will ensure that their kids do not suffer financially in the process. It helps to protect the children by allowing parents to contribute to their upkeep. From education to health needs, parents can develop a plan, with help from the OCS to exercise responsibility in the best way possible. Parents can access information on-demand and find out ways they can make those contributions without having to show up at the offices.

Vermont Child Support Laws | Vermont Statutes Title 15, Chapter 41


The statutes provide a detailed set of laws that help the enforcers, including child support department officials and courts; make a ruling on how much you should provide as child support for your children. The basis is per child and thus the more children you have for child support the more you will have to […]


Vermont Child Support Login | Make a Payment

Make a Payment

The Vermont child support offices offer a reliable way for parents to provide the necessary financial support to their children. Every child has a right to education, security, care and support which should be provided by both parents. With the online platform on which you can pay for support, it contributes to making you a […]


Vermont Child Support Enforcement


It can happen that the non-custodial parent defaults in payment of child support. In such a case, you can choose to either approach him or her or file a complaint with the relevant child support offices. For the latter, you can do it online on the Vermont child support website. The process starts with filing […]


Vermont Child Support Calculator | Guidelines


The use of the child support calculator in Vermont is helpful to parents who want to be responsible. So that you are not caught off-guard, you can take the initiative to calculate how much you will be contributing to the support of your children. It is normal for the parent with custody rights to seek […]


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